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This oil contains a blend of organic nourishing oils, organic essential oil, and flower and crystal essences for balancing your water elment. The water element organs are the kidneys and bladder. We recommend using this five element oil with our reflex wand or aculife roller. It will help with the following



To trust in the flow of life

Makes you feel at ease

Be focused in the present moment



Helps with dark circles under the eye

Brighter more luminous complexion

Add more vibrancy to the skin


The Water Element governs our vitality, the ability to flow in life and overcome life obstacles. It drives our ambition and will power to pursue our goals and overcome our own limitations. 


This energy controls the natural rhythms of our adrenal glands, our kidneys and reproductive organs. 


When this element is out of balance we become fearful, we stress in challenging situations, loose our strength and our ability to overcome pain. Physically our skin becomes dry, sensitive. We can experience loss of hair, be more prone to urinary infections, kidney stones, reproductive problems, headaches and lower back, leg or knee problems.


When the Water Element is out of balance, you may see these things on your face:
Dark Circles
: Indicate a kidney weakness.
Bags under the eyes: Indicates a need to cry over something that has been stored in the body for a long time. A need to speak out about your feelings. Waters feel their emotions very deeply, but often have a hard time expressing them.
Overall Puffiness on the Face: Indicates water retention and poor lymph flow in the body. It can also be associated with hypothyroidism and a feeling of being stuck in life.
Excessive Wrinkling or Dimpling on the Chin: The chin is the emotional reflection of the kidneys and the emotion of fear. Excessive wrinkling or dimpling indicates that the person is a fearful person or disassociated with their emotions.


Choose this facial oil if you want to bring more flow into your life and to live life from love and trust.


Application: Apply 2-6 drops onto to the face with love resonating with your affirmation. Apply 2-4 drops onto the skin with love resonating with your affirmation. When you purchase our oil and reflex wand we will provide you a specific face map to direct you to the correct points to stimulate on your face

Water Element Facial Oil

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    Organic camellia oil,

    organic jojoba oil, organic

    geranium essential oil,

    organic cedarwood

    essential oil, organic

    cypress essential oil,

    organic lavender essential

    oil, crystal essences, water

    element flower essence.

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