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Opalite benefits

This is a subtle and soft yet dynamic shimmery glass-resin, which is

mainly composed of mineral dolomite attached with metal, in order to

produce an opalescent presence. 


Commonly milky or clear in color, opalite is valued in the crystal

healing for its own properties in purifying the kidneys and the blood,

with various metaphysical properties too.


Moreover, opalite is also at talisman of personal power, known to have

an effect in increasing self-esteem, as well as in improving one’s self



Together with these sanctioning qualities, it may also produce the

associated quality of the inner strength in order to express or uncover

one’s more buried, deeper feelings.


When it comes to the emotional aspect of life, opalite is beneficial

when you are experiencing a great change. 


This is because it assists in making some smooth transitions. 


Further, this actually benefits all kinds of life changes, may it be minor

or major changes. 


Changing jobs, moving residences, getting in or out of relationships, as

well as having a baby are all instances of major life changes, which

opalite may help making easier.


Opalite quasha

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  • We recommend this quasha with our water element facial oil

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