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This oil contains a blend of organic nourishing oils, organic essential oil, and flower and crystal essences for balancing your metal elment. The metal element organs are the lungs and large intestine. We recommend using this five element oil with our reflex wand or aculife roller. It will help with the following



Feeling uplifted

Moving on from the past into a new cycle

Reconnecting to self and life

Release toxins



Helps reduce Inflammation or irritation

Moisturises dry skin

Helps calm eczema and psoriasis


Clear away the old to prepare for the new. Harvest, rejuvenate and boost your natural body reserves. Provide your skin, body, mind  and spirit with the extra nourishment it needs. 


The Metal Element is responsible for clearing out what is no longer needed and helps us understand the role we play in our own life. It achieves this by moving away the noise and distractions to help us see the real source of our self esteem. In other words this element provides us with the strength to let go and to focus on what really matters.


Supporting your lungs will increase your joy and vitality! Your skin will be more vibrant and feel healthier. Supporting the lungs also helps with skin issues such as rashes. By using our oil with our reflex wand you can stimulate the lungs and large intestine. If you do this on a regular basis, you might notice that you feel more happy, joyful and energetic. Proper oxygenation of your body and mind will support your energy levels and your skin. 


You may notice your metal element out of balance if you notice:


Texturing or breakouts to the side of the chin: can indicate stagnation in your intestines. Emotionally it's about the toxicity that you are carrying, tihs can slow you down

Lines that extend from the eyes onto the cheeks 

Stagnant/deep nasolabial lines: the nasolabial lines are your Fa Ling lines or your life purpose lines. They are associated with your large intestine. Stagnant or deep lines can indicate chronic constipation and the inability to let go of old thoughts and ideas. This is slowing you down from achieving your life's purpose.

Large Pores: Can indicates a lung weakness.


Application: Apply 2-4 drops onto the skin with love resonating with your affirmation.  When you purchase our oil and reflex wand we will provide you a specific face map to direct you to the correct points to stimulate on your face. 

Metal Element Facial Oil

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$125.00 Regular Price
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    Ingredients: Organic

    jojoba oil, organic

    camellia oil, organic

    hemp seed oil, organic

    bergamot, organic

    lavender essential oil,

    organic frankincense oil.

    organic geranium

    essential oil

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