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This oil contains a blend of organic rejevnenating oils, organic essential oils, and flower and crystal essences to support the fire element. The fire element contains the organs of the heart, small intestines and pericardium. If you use our facial oil it can help shift emotions and nourish the skin in the following ways below. Add our reflex wand or aculift roller to further stimulate the organs to create deeper change. 



Brings a sense of joy

Brings more passion and creativity

Uplifts the spirit



Helps regulate the circulation within the skin

Supports even skin tone

Moisturising and hydrating



The fire element reflects the energy of the manifestors as they bring passion and flair to what they do. These people are often joyful, have a natural sense of pleasure and are the life of the party. They are enthusiastic, great communicators, charismatic, optimistic, tender, devoted, creative, and very much alert. When this energy is flowing it provides the strength for forward motion to help bring ideas and projects into culmination. 


When out of balance, Fire  people 'burn out, become scattered , loose focus and this can lead to anxiety. In excess, they can become erratic and overly sensitive. Health problems are normally related to anxiety.


What you may notice in the skin if this element is out of balance

Red or purplish tip of the nose: redness indicates a broken heart (emotional). purple can indicate pooling of the blood or a weak heart and poor circulation

Red rim of the lower eyelid: Can indicate aggravated adrenals and excessive fire energy
Red or dry rim of the upper lip: Can indicate inflammation or dryness in the small intestine and a condition where the emotions take over thinking. The person may be making poor decisions.
Dull eyes: Can indicate that the brain is working slowly



Application: Apply 2-4 drops to the face with love resonating with your affirmation. To  treat the organs ongoing we recommend our reflex wand and aculift roller. Once you purchase these we will send you our five element face map. 

Fire Element Facial Oil

SKU: 0003
$125.00 Regular Price
$62.50Sale Price
  • Ingredients: organic

    camellia oil, organic

    grapeseed oil, organic

    rosehip oil, organic

    lavender essential oil,

    organic ylang ylang

    essential oil. organic

    patchouli essential oil,

    crystal essences, fire

    element flower essence.

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