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This facial oil contains a blend of organic nourishing oils, organic essential oils, and flower and crystal essences for balaning the earth element. The organs related to the earth element are the spleen and the stomach. We recommend using our earth element oil with our aculift roller or reflex wand. When you balance the stomach and spleen it helps with the following:



Feeling grounded

Feeling nurtured

Feeling at ease with oneself


Skin and body

Nurturing for the skin

Hydrating and firming

Soothing and anti-ageing

Protects against environmental stressors

Settles the stomach and any digestive upsets


Restore equilibrium, nurture yourself and ground your body and mind. Bring your skin to its optimum healthy state, natural brightness and radiance. 


The Earth Element is about nurturing ourselves at all levels. Is the energy that brings stability, makes us feels safe, protected and helps us prepare the space for growth and transformation. 


When imbalanced we may be over protective, co-dependant, feel insecure. Physically our digestive system is affected. We can have excessive dampness in the body (water retention and excess mucus) or weight gain. We lack clarity and the ability to digest life experiences.


A balanced earth energy allows us to be empathic, tolerant, creative, practical and diplomatic when making life decisions. It is our ability to take 'things in' and feel full, satisfied and complete with our achievements and life processes. 


The organs of earth element are the stomach and spleen. The stomach needs plenty of stomach acid in order to break down proteins into amino acids. Your body also needs stomach acid to absorb zinc which is needed to make neurotransmitters like serotonin and to strengthen your immune system which in turn nourishes the skin. 


Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for feeling calm, content and happy. Without it you will feel worried and depressed. When you activate your stomach point and zone with our reflex wand, you are sending energy to the stomach to release worry and amp up serotonin production! 


When the Earth Element is out of balance, you may see these things on your face: 

Dry, chapped lips: can indicate a spleen weakness and overall dryness in the digestive system

Lines on the upper lip/ "smoker's lines": indicates the person's tendency to give too much to others and not support themselves enough. This can then lead to feelings of resentment. These lines can also indicate a weakness in the organs

Purplish color on side of nose by the eyes: blood sugar imbalances which indicate a need for nurturing from themselves or others.


Choose the earth element oil if you feel like you need more nurturing or a mother earth grouded energy in your life. Also choose this if your skin needs to be nourished on all levels. A great oil to soothe and hydrate. 


Application: Apply 2-4 drops onto your skin with love resonating with your affirmation. If you want to further supoort the spleen and stomach use our relfex wand and aculift roller. We will send you a specific face map once you have purchase them.

Earth Element Facial Oil

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$125.00 Regular Price
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    Ingredients: Organic

    jojoba oil, organic

    camellia oil, organic

    frankincense oil, organic

    orange essential oil,

    organic Vetiver essential

    oil, crystal essences,

    earth element

    flower essence.

  • For external use only. Please keep out of reach of children. If you have any known allergies to any of the ingredients, do not use the product. If irritation occurs discontinue use of the product. Daily SPF use recommended.

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