Benefits of Gua Sha:


Stimulates the immune system

Reduces inflammation

Increase blood circulation

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Lift and contour skin

Reduce undereye circles

Relieve tension and reduce puffiness

Manual lymphatic drainage


Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes

irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.

Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.


Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

 In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, amethyst meaning is of wealth

Amethyst healing properties are as plentiful as the stone itself. It is thought of mostly as a protective stone. As it is linked to the crown chakra, it is helpful in purifying the mind and  clearing it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many meditate with amethyst. Amethyst healing properties are especially useful in regards to work-related stress, because the stone is also associated with abundance; therefore relieving stress while emanating prosperity


Amethyst is a must-have for anyone working in healing professions.

Amethyst quasha

SKU: 0008
  • Use this guasha to stimulate the lymph and detox the skin. 

    We recommend using this quasha with our metal element oil as it helps to alleviates sadness or grief, and dissolves any negativity. It helps you connect and recentre yourself and is a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain. Soothes the mind and emotions.

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