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Hey, you've made it! Here are your results. 

Before we start, please note that the element that is most prominent in your blueprint might go through changes. This can affect your body natural rhythms creating  skin, emotional and mental imbalances. 

What makes it change?  

Changes in season, diet, emotional blockages or stagnant energy.

Your results are a good indicator of your dominant element and how to balance it, so take note:

Wood element 

50-42 points

Wood reflects the energy of the Pioneer, the energy that brings us forward as it represents new beginnings and growth. Wood element personalities are bold, optimistic, ambitious, have strength and flexibility to face life's challenges. They tend to be entrepreneurs and achievers as they are innate leaders and trendsetters. Wood people can take charge and lead with passion and empathy. They are assertive, direct, outgoing and hold positive feelings of patience and altruism. 

When the wood energy is out of balance, they tend to become aggressive, irritable, are unable to progress in life.

Can be arrogant, reckless, stressed, tyrannical, and confrontational.

Wood’s body organ is the liver.


Fire element 

41-33 points

Fire reflects the energy of the Manifestors as they bring passion and flair to what they do. These people are often joyful, have a natural sense of pleasure and are the life of the party. They are enthusiastic, great communicators, charismatic, optimistic, tender, devoted, creative, and very much alert. 

When this energy is flowing it provides the strength for forward motion to help bring ideas and projects into culmination. 


When out of balance, Fire  people 'burn out, become scatter, loose focus and this can lead to anxiety. In excess, they can become erratic and overly sensitive.


Health problems are normally related to anxiety or heart conditions.



Earth element 

32-24 points

The Earth element is Yin or feminine in nature. It represents the wife or the mother personality as it responsible for the nurturing, grounding and supporting processes of the mind, body and spirit. 


Earth people tend to be practical, relaxed, sociable, considerate, agreeable and attentive. They are honest, kind and prudent, value friendship and normally tend towards spirituals practices such as yoga, meditation to cultivate their own strength and personal growth. 


When this element is in deficient mode, Earth people tend to become clingy and vacillating. They have issues setting-up healthy boundaries, and can put other people's priorities before their own making them unable to ask for help when needed. 


Health problems tend towards digestive problems and fatigue.


Metal element 

23-16 points

Metal element represents the energy of the Organizer. It is methodical, calm, precise and scrupulous in the way it approaches life's challenges. Metal people are typically  on time, keep things in check and on schedule as they are detail-oriented and highly focused on their goals. 

When out of balance Metal people can become restrictive and overly concerned with rules. They tend to be obsessive, perfectionist, or highly rigid in their approach preventing them from clearly seeing the big picture. This can lead also to sloppiness and hypocrisy. 

Health problems relate to lungs (asthma), low immunity and constipation. 


Water element

15-10 points

Water element represents the energy of the Philosopher, as it is quiet, contemplative, intuitive, and tends towards introspective practices. Water qualities are sensitivity, reflection, effectiveness, and desire for life and lust. This energy might seem fragile at times, but they are anything but. Water people can attract abundance as it governs courage and the potential to flow. 

When out of balance water people can become indecisive and uncertain. They tend to withdrawn, keep their emotions hidden and become aloof. 

Health problems relate to low libido, arthritis, hearing problems, cold extremities and reproductive organs issues. 

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