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Five element theory


Shenko organics is a holistic skincare range based on the law of the five elements. It helps to create change in the skin by clearing your meridian energy pathways. 

Shenko five element oils helps support you to clear stagnation through the meridian pathways in accoradance with the five element theory derived from thousands of years of ancient Chinese medicine teachings. True health within our body systems radiates through the skin. Why not treat the systems and have a positive effect on the skin from within. 

Based on the Chinese philosophy of health it is said that our body structure, emotional tendencies, temperaments, behaviours, illnesses and moods are a synergy between five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  

In order to restore balance and sustain a healthy life there needs to be an equilibrium between these elements within our bodies. Each element relates to a specific organ, and each organs holds a different emotions When out of balance it shows negatively on different areas of the skin. Shenko has specific rituals and reflex points to use to create change in the skin. 

The elements are as follows 

Wood element

 Yin organ  Liver

 Yang organ  Gall bladder 

 Emotions  Anger, resentment frustrations

Implications in the skin  Frown lines, tension under the eyes, tight tension around jaw, breakouts. 

Fire element 

Yin organ  Heart

Yang organ Small intestine

Emotions Joy , love, hate.

Implications in the skin  Imbalance within the fire shows as a skin that is too red, flushes easily or has a lot of freckles. If we lack fire energy the skin may be too pale and lacklustre- Think of restricted blow flow to the face. 

Earth element 

Yin organ  Spleen

Yang organ Stomach

Emotions Sympathy, empathy, uncertainty

Implications in the skin  Imbalance within the skin yellow facial hue, creases on forehead, dryer skin,. loose skin. 


Metal element 

Yin organ  Lungs

Yang organ Large intestine

Emotions Guilt, grief, regret

Implications in the skin  Imbalance within the skin shows as eczema, psoriasis, dry flaky patches especially over eyelid, lines on lower cheeks, white hue to skin, paler complexion. 

Water element 

Yin organ kidney

Yang organ Bladder

Emotions Fear, worry, anxiety

Implications in the skin  Imbalance within the skin shows as under eye bags, darkness under eyes, dark facial hues, weak skin structure loosing collagen, hair falling out (sparse hair)

Shenko organics has created an oil specific to each element. The oil has a blend of essential oils, flower and crystals essences to help that specific element. We will send you specific reflex points on the face to stimulate to accelerate your results.  You will also receive benefits from the product topically and energetically. 


What is guasha? 

Gua sha is comprised of two Chinese words: gua, meaning to rub or scrape, and sha, referring to a type of stagnant energy that causes excess heat to build within the body. These palm-sized implements are traditionally crafted from jade, but now come in different crystal options such as rose quartz. According to theories in traditional Chinese medicine, the act of rubbing a gua sha tool against the skin brings heat and stagnation to the surface of the skin, allowing it be released.

Benefits of Gua Sha: 

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

  • Lift and contour skin

  • Reduce undereye circles 

  • Relieve tension and reduce puffiness

  • Manual lymphatic drainage

 Rose Quartz Gua Sha infuses crystal healing properties to enhance this practice. 


Benefits of rose quartz:

  • The ultimate stone for promoting self-love

  • Opens the heart chakra to give and receive love in all forms

  • Raises self-esteem and self-worth

  • Stimulates sensual imagination

  • Provides emotional support and healing

  • Dissolves worries, fears, and resentments

  • Provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment to invite inner peace and contentment

  • Increases feelings of comfort and nurture

  • Inspires a love of beauty and appreciation for nature

  • Assists in restful sleep

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