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Shenko organics is a holistic skincare range founded by Kinesiologist, aromatherapist and holistic facial therapist Andrea O' Shea,  Shenko organics helps create change in the skin by clearing your meridian and energy pathways. 


The magic is in the blend of holistic health with beauty. The founder Andrea has spent 17 years within the beauty and wellness industry and decided to create a product range that combined elements of kinesiology, aromatherapy, and beauty therapy. She truely believes beauty radiates from within. We are multi-dimensional beings so Andrea believes it is important to treat all aspects of our being - mind, body, spirit


After working in the beauty industry for years and working with lots of brands Andrea became curious and researched lots of different products and ingredients and how they worked on the skin.  Andrea was surprised at what was actually in some of these products and how toxic they were on the skin and systems. She wanted to create something clean, pure, organic and that worked on many levels. 


What spiked the interest to create a holistic product range was that Andrea had noticed that lots of her clients skin conditions were not fixing via topical products only. Learning Kinesiology added another dimension as Andrea now realised the connection between the organs, the emotions and our skin.


For example the Metal element relates to the two organs lungs and large intestines, the emotions of the element are guilt, grief and regret. If these emotions are left un-dealt with it could lead to congestion within these organs which would show through the skin as irritation, eczema or psorasis. Just as well if the large intestine is not detoxing (because of a toxic diet)  similar things can show through the skin. Andrea then decided to add a blend of healing ingredients together to treat the skin topically and energetically. The oils have a blend of essential oils, crystal and flower essences to help the specific element. You  can look at the explanation of each oil to see which is suited to you, trust your intuition or take our five element quiz. 


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